Moving Beyond a Predictable Life
by Andreas

When I discovered OM, I had been  married for nearly 10 years, had a good position as a web developer, and—aside from some stress from my job—I was comfortable. In fact, I was too comfortable living this 9-to-5 life. OM opened my eyes, literally, to a new way of being in the world. 

Until then, I had lived a life of compliance. I grew up in a house with a very strict European mother and a very lenient South American father, so the rules were confusing. I didn’t know the right way to behave. To deal with this confusion, I chose to just be compliant about everything. 

An acquaintance told me about OM, explaining that it was a practice that helps you hone into what you want. 

I went into my first OM with trepidation. The noticing step felt awkward at first--describing someone’s intimate parts in a neutral way, but I kept going with OM. The practice of noticing and being in the moment helped me rediscover the little details in life—like the taste of my morning coffee, the colors around me. Everything was more vivid. I was also getting in touch with my intuition. I’ve always been a very logical guy, and I started doing things that felt right, even if they didn’t make logical sense.

I quit my job. The comfort of my regular job was making me numb and I realized I wanted more in my life. My wife didn’t support me quitting my job—she liked me being logical and compliant. She didn’t understand why I would leave the stability. Eventually, we separated and I backpacked through Europe. For the first time in my life I was really following what I wanted. 

When I came back to Canada I applied for a job related to my previous work in the computer sciences field and even though I did not have specific experience for the role. I went to the first interview with confidence. I credit that to my OM practice and the direct feedback that I get while stroking. This feedback has taught me  how to read people and situations, removing the doubt that used to plague me. 

I was hired, nearly doubling my former salary. I started a business on the side as well. I feel fulfilled by my work and there is room for adventure and surprise in my life.