Empathy, Serenity and a Sense of Peace
by Moze

I am very grateful for the existence of Orgasmic Meditation as a meditation practice that lets me share in and feel the energy of a woman. OM brings me a sense of calm and serenity, making me more at ease, more attuned to the world around me, and more at home in my own skin. It has helped me overcome anxiety and stress and has generally made me a much better and happier person.

I won’t say that I was unhappy or broken before I started OMing. I was fine, and in fact, I wasn’t looking for healing or personal growth when I learned to OM. I came for my art. But OM did change my outlook, despite my intentions. Looking back now, I can say that before OM, I acted more like a typical consumer in a consumerist society, blithely consuming products, media, and even relationships. I was tenser, more “macho,” less able to accept guidance or criticism. OM has made me so much more sensitive, flexible and receptive. It has given me a level of empathy I had never experienced and has made me a much more pleasant and reasonable person to be around.

The female genitalia have always been a source of mystery to me, but not necessarily for the same reasons that every teenage boy experiences. I have Egyptian origins, so I grew up in and around that culture. In Egyptian culture, female genital mutilation is still a common practice, so most of the women I knew had been genitally mutilated. They had no clitoris. Growing up, I found this idea very painful and disturbing. I wanted to understand – to discover the clitoris, to learn what it was, what it did. Why they cut it off. In the common Egyptian language, the word for genital mutilation means “purification.” This fact alone added to my confusion, unease, and curiosity. This cultural experience profoundly affected me and as I became a professional artist and a producer of documentary films the female genitalia became a central motif in my art.

It was this artistic interest that first led me to OM. An Uzbek model I was drawing told me about it, and I thought the practice would be good for my art, hopefully giving me ideas about shapes and movements to expand my visual understanding. So, to be completely honest, maybe I didn’t start OMing for the “right” reasons.

When I was learning to OM, my teacher described his experience. He told me that OM had changed his life, but I really didn’t think he was serious. Little did I know that OM would quickly become a key practice in maintaining my serenity and well-being.

What interests me most about this practice is really the concentration on the energy of the woman, this energy that makes us both breathe in a different way. The first steps – the grounding and the lube stroke – are my favorites. This is where you can really feel the energy and power of women.

I also love the sense of sharing and healing OM confers. OM breaks down a lot of barriers between men and women; it helps us to overcome a lot of things. We don’t try to please each other in OM, that’s the most important thing. It results in an experience that is pure, gracious and authentic. It teaches us to adopt a position of being in connection without expecting anything in return, which is really rare in life. 

Soon after my first OM, I started incorporating Orgasmic Meditation as a daily morning routine. It felt good, and it gave me a sense of calm that lasted throughout my day. I ride my motorcycle through the crowded streets of Paris to work every day – an experience that has always been a tense, teeth-grinding ordeal for me. But when I start my day with OM, I find myself enjoying the ride, stopping more, letting people pass, even waving and saying thank you. 

Other people have noticed a difference in me as well. They see this newfound serenity, a greater level of resilience and flexibility in dealing with everyday issues. When I decide to open up and tell them about OM, some people smile and laugh, and some people are shocked, but in the end, they all support me. In fact, at work, I always used to be stressed, aggressive, and unaccepting of mistakes. Now, with OM in my life, I am noticeably nicer to people, to the extent that if I am acting stressed, my employees will tell me to go away and OM, and then come back. And they’re right. OM has made me so much friendlier and more empathetic. 

OM has also made me more flexible and resilient, more thoughtful, and open to suggestions. I used to be much more macho, I guess, never questioning myself and unable to accept criticism or adjustments. I was convinced I was doing everything perfectly. Of course, this attitude simply doesn’t work in OM. OM requires you to listen, adjust, and not take it personally when you are asked to do so. My ego took a hit at first, but soon I learned to anticipate these requests eagerly. That’s how I know I’m really on the same page with my partner. The kind of feedback that would have made me angry or hurt my pride before, now I seek it out.

Opening myself up to adjustments, feedback and criticism have made me a lot more adaptive in more mundane aspects of my life. I find myself more able to accept things I can’t change, more willing to adjust myself to the situation if necessary. This in turn has given me a sense of peace and ease with the world. So even though I started OM for artistic reasons, through it I have found empathy, serenity, and a new approach to life that has genuinely made me a better and happier person.