Enlivening My Life After Divorce
by Richard

I finally got trained in OM about nine months after my divorce, and I had my first OM sessions directly after my training. Honestly, after 30 years of marriage, I had thought I was horny. But after OMing for the first few times, I realized it was really intimacy and connection I wanted.

I began OMing once or twice week, sometimes more. Then it became four or five times a week, and I started really paying attention to the connection and intimacy I was receiving through the practice. Once I got the foundations right, I could focus more on responsiveness and sensitivity, really paying attention to my partner’s reactions. I learned to be so attentive and responsive that I could anticipate adjustments and changes before she even requested them.

During one OM I became so wrapped up in sensing and empathizing with my partner that I entered a near trance-like state, with my whole body trembling. I realized I had tapped into something profound, something that could change my life forever. 

Around this time, I had an “aha” moment, where I realized I was made completely full and content from the amazing connection and intimacy I was able create with an OM partner. My experience of OM had completely transcended the physicality of the act; it became a truly meditative, connective experience.

I began to realize the energy and power of these connections, and to explore other practices as well, including Reiki and tantra. Now, instead of being depressed and lonely, I became excited about exploring these connections and this energy. I was on cloud nine all the time, and I felt a new level of joy and optimism. 

My romantic life also improved as a result, and the difference was night and day. I had dated some after my divorce, but I was too wrapped up in protocols, in saying and doing the right thing. I was operating out of my left brain, over-analyzing and living too much in my own head, completely unable to connect on a deeper level.

OM taught me to open my heart, to listen to women and to their bodies in a way I never could before. As I progressed as an OM practitioner, more and more women would ask to partner with me, and I realized I had developed a profound understanding and receptivity to their needs and reactions. I found I could relate to them and empathize with them much more deeply, and this translated to my dating life as well. My confidence level with women increased exponentially, and I felt better synced and more comfortable with them than I had ever believed possible.

It became easy for me to relate to women, and I became very up front and confident about meeting and approaching them. I was also surprised to see how receptive and excited they were in response. They could sense something in me, something I had learned from OM, and they were responding. So there I was, divorced and in my 50s, with a vibrant dating life, connecting with women like never before.

By then I was genuinely sensing something transforming in me, and other people began to notice the change as well. People would approach me and ask how I was able to do it, and I started counseling and coaching people about intimacy. I discovered a particular niche as a coach for singles and couples over 50, and I started doing workshops, presentations and speaking events.

All of this grew out of OM, learning women and learning their bodies, and coming to understand and empathize on a higher level. I was able to open my heart space to find a more loving, empathetic and compassionate side of myself. This allowed me to begin a journey of self-discovery that I feel deeply privileged to share with others.