Learning to Play and Get Back Into My Body
by Denise

I was introduced to Orgasmic Meditation by my sister. She had a friend years ago who had shown her a video about OM, so my sister decided to try it with her boyfriend. She didn’t share much with me about it other than she enjoyed the practice. It wasn’t until years later she mentioned it to me again and I also heard about it via another conversation with a girlfriend of mine at the time, who said she was a practitioner. She and her wife later asked me if I wanted to try it.

I decided to give it a go and learned how to OM. I wanted to explore OM with a woman, so I spoke to a friend who knew how to OM and had my first OM with her. She taught me what I needed to know about setting up the nest and the container and educated me on how this wasn’t like anything I'd ever experienced, but rather a way to help me get more into my body. All this information helped me feel more at ease. 

At first it was really weird, and uncomfortable. I wondered if I could do it because of a long history of health issues that made it really hard for me to allow someone to focus on that part of my body, and to talk about it. I had come up with stories my whole life about how I just wasn’t into intimacy and that I had to deal with it myself. I don’t have those issues now and OM allowed me to become open to talking about my genital health.

OM also taught me the difference between how touching that part of my body was more about paying respect to it than anything else. In my 40s I was becoming more able to express my wants and needs. I realized that OM was part of my journey to get in touch with my body, and to let go of any shame and guilt and discomfort that I felt. OM is a platform and it has value to it, and it is certainly a part of my own journey of connecting to my body.