Celebratory Moments
by Georgiana

I spent a lot of my life throwing up walls against connection.  I’d meet a guy and my mind would race ahead to try and decide if he was marriage material and I’d dismiss them or I’d date them and then be terrified I’d get trapped.  Instead, I put my energy in spirituality, which I got a lot from, but not entirely fulfilled. 

I started OMing because the practice passed all my psychological barriers: no relationship fears, I don't owe anybody anything, and it feels like I’m heading directly towards my evolution. It’s a spiritual practice combined with the genitals aspect and doesn't get confused with romance or cultural expectations. That's why it resonated so well with me. It was like a nice little sensation-based laboratory.

My first OM I could feel intensely from my feet all the way up through my knees, but I didn’t feel much in my genital area. But, as I continued to practice, I felt more connection and it became more pleasurable. Every time I practiced, more and more nerve endings began lighting up in my genital region. I definitely needed the physiological practice to change the issues that had been building up for so long in my mind.

I’ve been OMing for many years now, and the practice has helped significantly to bring peace and integration. I can slow down and feel what's happening in my body—and that’s created a healing in my tissues. I've learned to truly honor myself, to stay true to what is right for me, right for my body, because no one else has walked in my shoes and knows what I need. There’s a lot of sensation for me in making requests in OM and it means a lot to me that I was heard, I was seen, and received.

There's an ease in my body and in my life, and I have a greater comfort level being with people. I'm a happier person and a lot more pleasant to be around. My whole being has become permeated with what I’ve gained in OM.