A Whole New World Opened Up
by Kent Oren

Orgasmic Meditation taught me to access the intuitive part of myself. Before I learned to OM, I thought everything I needed to know was on the surface. It turns out there are many layers to communication. 

I had the average suburban-kid upbringing with the standard talk about how to talk to girls. You know, the bare bones and the risks. The only real romantic advice I got was: “Be yourself.” That didn’t turn out to be any help at all.

So, fast-forward to adulthood, I was taking a course on pick-up. How to pick-up women, approach them in bars, stuff like that. Someone in the course told me about Orgasmic Meditation, and I checked it out online. I thought that if I learned the technique, that would make me more desirable. That was my only goal at the time. 

OM taught me so much more than that. 

I learned that energy follows attention. Where my attention goes is where things happen. Once I knew the basics, I was left with, ‘What am I feeling in my body? What’s happening here?’ I started examining that in a way I never had before and discovered how much there was to feel in my own body, in connection with another person. As I learned to slow down, a whole new world opened up.

For me, the stroking component is the meat of OM. It’s where you feel the shifts and changes. I can start an OM with someone, and at the beginning it might feel slow, like a low buzzing kind of feeling, like the hum of a refrigerator. It’s not good or bad, it’s just what I feel. Then, all I’m doing is paying attention to that humming feeling, how it feels in my body. I’m not thinking, ‘We need to kick it up a notch,’ it’s just what I’m noticing. And then the humming might get lower, or turn into a high clear bell sound, and my body might feel heavy and grounded in the seat where I’m sitting. Then my stomach and chest might suddenly feel lifted up and suddenly there’s a floating feeling. When that happens, either my stroke might have changed and I felt the change, or I might have felt the change and then my stroke changed as a result. It can go either way.

The way things feel in my body can shift. And that connects me to my intuition. If I’m having a conversation with my partner over dinner, I can feel things at a deeper level. Some random idea about her mom might pop into my head, and I’ll say, “How’s your mom? What’s she been up to?” And she’ll be like, “Oh my god, I forgot to tell you I talked to my mom today,” or “I was just speaking to her today and I have XYZ feelings.” That sort of stuff has become really common.

I’ve also developed a new level of confidence, especially in relationships. Relationships before OM was fun, but mysterious and difficult and challenging. There was so much about it I didn’t understand.  I didn’t really know what I was doing with women. I did my best, but my nervousness about what to do during intimate moments would make us both super anxious. Now, I follow my intuition, because now, I have that intuition to tap into.