Connection to My Instincts
by Deven Mehta

Between the ages of 16 to 27, I tried so hard to find a girlfriend. I earned a Master’s degree in psychology just to study relationships. I paid organizations geared towards men to train me on how to socialize with women. I tried everything I could possibly think of. 

I’m a smart man, and I was able to craft charisma and a sociable personality to get women to go on dates. But these encounters never lead to a relationship. I couldn’t figure it out. So I gave up and focused on work until I began to feel really desperate. I became financially successful, but I still did not have what I really wanted in my life. No matter how hard I worked, at least 40% of my day was spent thinking about women.

Finally, a friend talked to me about Orgasmic Meditation. He said the practice included adjustments where your OM partner could tell you how she wanted to be stroked. A practice where I could learn more about female anatomy and pleasure in a way where a woman would give me feedback sounded really helpful. I couldn’t imagine what kind of universe existed where such a thing happens! 

Although my first Orgasmic Meditation partner was really understanding, the practice felt overwhelming. I was sweating. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right and I was concerned about being good. In the end, I was just glad I had tried it. I got through it and we were both okay when it was over.

My second OM was pleasurable as I felt tingling in my heart and chest. My partner cried which opened my heart up. It was incredible. I left that experience vibrating with joy, utterly convinced I had found heaven on Earth. The feeling stayed with me for hours. 

As I continued to practice OM, it took me a long time to let go of my mind—to stop thinking so much. It was challenging for me to focus solely on my finger on a clitoris for a full 15 minutes. Eventually I started to track when the clitoris would engorge or contract. Over time, what was happening between me and the woman I was stroking, and my feelings associated with it, became as clear as mathematics. When intimacy became that clear, my connection with women outside of OM also started to improve.

I’m now in a relationship where our intimacy blows my mind. Through the practice of stroking, I gained sensitivity and connection to my instincts. I know how to follow my instincts with a woman. I’ve become sensitive; I can feel into her energy and respond to her accordingly.