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People Pleasing to Courage
"I initially had a lot of resistance about OM. A woman I’d started dating knew the practice, and I knew that she was interested in it. If ..."
by Adrian Johnson
From Focusing on Problems to Enjoying Beauty
"I'm a very open-minded person who likes to try different things. Skydiving, bungee jumping—I’ll do it. I’m not afraid. I’ve always been v..."
by Jocelyn Tang
Letting Go of Self-Conscious Maneuvering
"I was on a quest to find satisfaction in my relationships with women. I thought learning to pick up women would solve my problem, but I b..."
by Chris
The Depth & Joy Only Grew
"Growing up, I learned not to express emotions or care about other people's emotions. My father, who never expressed emotions, came from a..."
by Nick Khatri
Losing The Need to Perform
"I grew up in mid-century Spain during a time when the concept of manhood was deeply rooted in stoicism and misogyny. Young boys and men w..."
by Lorenzo
Surrendering to Simplicity
"I've had a lot of different jobs in my life—fast food, retail, pizza delivery girl. I sold Mary Kay beauty products, I worked as a mass..."
by Nikki
You Can’t People-Please Your Way to Your Own Life
"My parents raised me to be a “nice girl.” That meant different things throughout my childhood, starting with keeping myself clean. Later,..."
by Nic
Taking Up Space
"It’s strange to be doing a story about Orgasmic Meditation, if only because when it came to orgasms, I spent so many of my teen years lyi..."
by Maggie Baines
Creative Freedom
"I was born and raised in a very beautiful part of Germany. My parents were self-made and successful, and my conditioning was very much or..."
by Moritz
Overcoming Sexual Shame from Religion
"I grew up a Fundamentalist Christian in the American South, where sex was reserved for one reason and one reason only: procreation. That’..."
by Samantha Fischer
The Gravity of My Power
"For much of my life, I had difficulty saying what I wanted in relationships. I would get involved in relationships I didn’t want to be in..."
by Molly
Waking Up and Looking Around
"I never used to be able to find relationships that could fulfill my needs. They were all either drama-filled and toxic or boring. Now I c..."
by Nick
The Intelligence Below
"I had recently separated from someone I had been with for a decade when I went on my first date from Match.com. Here I was, in my mid-60s..."
by Paul Yarmey
My Attention Opens Up Unlimited Experiences
"I started OMing in 2012 after moving to a new city for work. I had a very intellectual existence, and although I had the sense that there..."
by Pierre
Our Greatest Desire is Connection
"I found out about Orgasmic Meditation through a long-time friend of mine who had just recently discovered it himself. I noticed that his ..."
by Sharmil
Healing Together
"I’ve always been attracted to things that push the envelope.  I like to take on challenges that scare off other people. In the past, some..."
by Stephan Müller
Being Present in My Connections
"When I came to Orgasmic Meditation, I had been practicing Tantra for two decades, so I was no stranger to sacred sexuality practices. I’m..."
by Dan
OM Made Me A Better Landscape Architect
"I come from a very traditional background. I am a native Sicilian and have lived my whole life in the south of Italy. I come from a long ..."
by Alfio
What My Body Tells Me
"Dread fills me as I'm walking down the street, and I see my mother's car parked up ahead at a gas station. She gets out of her car and st..."
by Amber
Learning To Give My Body What Makes It Happy
"Sex used to be not only not pleasurable for me—it was painful. I’d lie there and push through the discomfort to make sure the guy was ple..."
by Angelina
I Was No Longer Numb
"When I was younger I practiced something that had the same foundational approach as Orgasmic Meditation. Then I started a family and star..."
by Allan Rosenthal
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