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Nice Guy to Confident and Powerful
"My mother was a strong and independent woman. Very much so. She was very liberal, and growing up, my household followed that lead. I was ..."
by Abe
From Workaholic to Feminine Empowerment
"I was raised in a religious family that taught me that as a female, I was a second-class citizen. Thus I had to overachieve to achieve at..."
by Kimberley Young
Learning a Common Language
"I’d heard about OM from a man that I met at a slow speed-dating event in the Bay Area, where I live. At the time, I was not tempted to tr..."
by Anaïs
A Great Big Reservoir Inside Me
"From the time I was little, I always oscillated between the extremes of grandiosity and low -- often very low -- self-esteem.  It was har..."
by Amanda Meli
Releasing the Trauma
"I experienced sexual abuse as a child. As a little girl, my mom not only didn't protect me, instead she often said, “Go calm the beast,” ..."
by Harriet Arnold
The Body is the Compass
"I grew up Mormon.  There’s a lot of shorthand in saying that.  There were beautiful things about my family growing up, but for the most p..."
by Denise Harris
I Let Go of Being A Child
"I didn't feel like finding a husband and following that normal dream. Instead, after university, I quit a very secure job to go to a very..."
by Eva
Asking For What You Want Has Everybody Win
"In 2012, Hurricane Sandy destroyed a third of my house. My family and I had to evacuate. A few weeks before the hurricane, I could feel a..."
by Brenda Fredericks
The Beauty in Everything
"Anxiety ruled my world, but I was not aware of it. I was scared, disconnected, and always pushing. At work, in my relationships, and with..."
by Alicia
by Marissa
by Shannon
by Rachel
by Caryn
by Simone
by Aubrey
by Rachael
by Ali
by Piney
by Ann
by Leven
by Ruth
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