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I Became Comfortable in My Body
"My parents are super conservative, and I grew up with a lot of Catholic shame and guilt. I attended Catholic school until college and was..."
by Christie
Everything in my Life Feels More Alive
"I remember the exact time I heard about Orgasmic Meditation for the first time. My friend told me there was a practice in which you could..."
by Georgia Haughton
My Healing Process Required Me to OM Regularly
"My relationship with my ex-husband was a traumatic, brutal exchange – for me, emotionally equivalent to violation on many levels. In orde..."
by Samantha Fowler
A Woman Lit Up
"We never said “I love you” in my family. We never really expressed ourselves and weren't very open with our real feelings. Intimacy just ..."
by Kari Abadie Hayes
Thawing Out and Recovering My True Self
"I developed an eating disorder at a young age. Stuffing myself with donuts, I'd end up too full to notice my emotions. In high school and..."
by Taylor Silva
Learning to Love my Body
"All my life I've disliked how I looked. I’ve tried every diet plan, every workout routine, anything I could to try to change my body. I a..."
by Cara Joy
Learning to show up for myself through slowing down and listening to my body
"I had been on a spiritual search most of my life when I came upon OM. I read a book about it and took a year to think about whether I wan..."
by Heather
A Deeper Relationship With My Children
"When I saw the clip of what OM was like -- a friend had sent it to me -- I sobbed. I broke down, my tears coming from a very deep place. ..."
by Peggy
by Anjuli
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