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Listening to What My Heart Desires
"I used to pride myself on the fact that I was very logical and quick-minded. I was an ambitious, Russian-born woman living in the UK, and..."
by Kira Bednar
My Whole Life Opened Back Up
"I found out about OM at a financial group for women. It piqued my interest, so when I got an opportunity, I checked out a video by the fo..."
by Rose Evans
Connection to My Instincts
"Between the ages of 16 to 27, I tried so hard to find a girlfriend. I earned a Master’s degree in psychology just to study relationships...."
by Deven Mehta
A Hunger I’d Never Fed Before
"In my family we never spoke about sex. At the age of 13, I was molested by a stranger, and I had no way of telling my parents what had ha..."
by Allison Lancaster
I Became Someone My Daughter is Proud Of
"Since discovering Orgasmic Meditation at 42, I’ve experienced many openings—the most surprising being a shift toward genuine connection a..."
by Mark Andel
Rethinking Societal Messages & Expectations
"I have always been a seeker. Before I knew about Orgasmic Meditation, I was searching for something, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was...."
by Annabelle Buckley
I Realized that I Am a Good Man
"I have a high-powered career in tech, but since I was a kid, I’ve always been a rule breaker. I had two alcoholic parents and didn’t get ..."
by Jim
Knowledge That I Have Something to Offer
"Growing up, I was a sensitive kid, but not much knowledge of what to do with that sensitivity.  I'm a first generation Chinese Americ..."
by Kenan Wang
I Can Face a Woman’s Anger
"My wife and I had a typical story. When we first got together, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. The sex was fantastic. I’d neve..."
by Ben Phillips
The Confidence to Start Dating Again
"After 42 years of marriage, my wife was no longer the person I'd married. At first, we were raising our children, and then we took on the..."
by Tim Williams
I Learned To Express My Desire
"I had been in a relationship for four unhappy years. My partner was distant, and I struggled to ask for what I wanted. The whole thing be..."
by Iris Karimova
Turning On
"I've always been a very practical person.  From the time I was a little girl, I needed to see things to believe them.  I’ve always been v..."
by Shilpa
Being Present in My Connections
"When I came to Orgasmic Meditation, I had been practicing Tantra for two decades, so I was no stranger to sacred sexuality practices. I’m..."
by Dan
The Safety of Knowing That Women Have Desire
"I meet a woman at a bar. She introduces me to an OM practitioner. Six years pass. The practitioner of OM posts on social media from all o..."
by Steven
My Practice is With Me Wherever I Go
"If you want your car to run, you need to put gas in it.  If you want your flowers to bloom, you need to water them.  Even little children..."
by Anne
Rediscovering Trust and Connection
"My life was in a nosedive. I was working two jobs, struggling with feelings of chaos and lack of control, and losing my grip on my own li..."
by Dan
OM as Self-Care
"When I was seventeen, I discovered a desire for women. At university, I went crazy, meeting lots of women and having a string of monogamo..."
by Eva
Being Patient
"I used to smoke a lot of pot as a way of self-medicating and acting out, but what I really wanted was love. I longed for a relationship t..."
by Jacob Silver
Frankly, I Don’t Know Who I Would Be Without OM
"The best anniversary gift my husband ever gave me was OM. He discovered it and went to New York City to learn the practice, leaving me th..."
by Belinda Porter
The Gift of Being Uncomfortable
"I crave intimacy, being awake in this life, and connecting with the generosity of the human spirit. The question for me has always been a..."
by Quantum
It All Comes Down to Asking for What You Want
"My wife and I weren’t unhappy, but we both knew something wasn’t working.  We had been married for 30 years and were both in our mid-50s...."
by Bruce
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