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Connecting to My Anger
"I’ve been on a long journey of personal development. It began twenty years ago when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I went thr..."
by Samantha Clarin
Deepening Our Marriage & Communication
"My wife brought us both to OM several years ago.  We’d been together for decades (we’re both in our 60s now), and she was convinced it wo..."
by Craig Hanka
My Restless Leg Syndrome Became Manageable
"I first heard of Orgasmic Meditation through my girlfriend. When she asked me if I would be interested in learning the practice,  I was a..."
by Ed Maran
Keeping My Heart Open
"For three years after my husband died, I cried every day. I had been with him for 50 years, married for 45 of them. From the time I was 1..."
by Susan Freed
My Heart Has Never Been Happier
"I remember the last house I bought in Southern California very clearly. I chose it meticulously. It had a pool, a waterfall, and a casita..."
by Kay
OM Prepares You for Anything
"When I was young, I was mostly homeschooled. So, socially, I was a bit inept. From age seven to about age nine, my parents and I traveled..."
by Allen Bakretta
My Body is a Truth Meter
"I’ve always been tremendously independent and self-sufficient. I had a very good home life growing up in Los Angeles, meaning that I coul..."
by Ann Justi
Empathy, Serenity and a Sense of Peace
"I am very grateful for the existence of Orgasmic Meditation as a meditation practice that lets me share in and feel the energy of a woman..."
by Moze
Healing Grief & Trauma
"When someone’s Orgasmic Meditation post popped up on my social media, I was eight months into a devastating grief. My daughter had died. ..."
by Sharon
The Intelligence Below
"I had recently separated from someone I had been with for a decade when I went on my first date from Match.com. Here I was, in my mid-60s..."
by Paul Yarmey
Living on the Edge
"I’ve always been kind of edgy, but it seemed like the older I got, the more reserved and boring I became. I was looking for the next thin..."
by Sheri
OM Made Me A Better Landscape Architect
"I come from a very traditional background. I am a native Sicilian and have lived my whole life in the south of Italy. I come from a long ..."
by Alfio
Letting Go of the Big Ball of Stress
"It’s been five years since I started practicing Orgasmic Meditation, and so much has changed. When I started, I was working two extremely..."
by Jacqueline Evans
Truly Relating with Women
"I started drinking at 14 to cope with the disillusionment and pain. I grew up Catholic, and I never believed in what I learned in church ..."
by Antonio
Sensitivity Restored
"I don’t really remember how I found Orgasmic Meditation. But I certainly remember my first OM. I felt absolutely nothing in my genitals. ..."
by Dina Tricote
Enlivening My Life After Divorce
"I finally got trained in OM about nine months after my divorce, and I had my first OM sessions directly after my training. Honestly, afte..."
by Richard
Saying Yes to What Brings Me Joy
"You know the old saying, “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot?” It’s the idea that people who are experts at something often fail to pra..."
by Alex
Thawing Out and Recovering My True Self
"I developed an eating disorder at a young age. Stuffing myself with donuts, I'd end up too full to notice my emotions. In high school and..."
by Taylor Silva
The Tools to Be in a Relationship
"I was born and raised in Guatemala. I’m a product of that culture, and I miss it – but I’m a proud New Yorker now.  I’ve been here since ..."
by Melvin
Yes, I’d Like That
"I was in my early 50s when I came to OM. At that time, I’d been in the same corporate job for over half my life. I’d spent 27 years climb..."
by Kevin
Expanding Into Joy
"Though I live in New York City as a teacher, artist, and textile designer, I was brought up in England. And I felt bound in a certain con..."
by Emily
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