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Calm and Expansive
"My mom was always open about sexuality. When I was a kid, she would talk about how sex was a really loving and magical experience. From b..."
by Avery Young
Connection to My Instincts
"Between the ages of 16 to 27, I tried so hard to find a girlfriend. I earned a Master’s degree in psychology just to study relationships...."
by Deven Mehta
Workaholic Shifted to Purpose
"By the time I came to OM, I was really alone. I was a workaholic, and I hardly ever socialized.  The few friends I had had all slowly dwi..."
by Tim Everett
No Longer Need to Fix People
"I spent my childhood in a series of all-boys boarding schools in England. This was the way it had always been for men in my family; it wa..."
by James
No Need to Hide Anymore
"There was a long legacy of sexual abuse in my family, and I’m sure I only know the half of it.  I got swept into that storm when I was ra..."
by Lori Passero
No Shame in Expressing Desire
"I was raised, along with my sister, to be a spiritual seeker and find my own path. But even though I didn’t grow up with religion, my par..."
by Kevin Keleher
No More Fake Good Girl
"In the old days, I was working a lot, and everything was “fine.” Fine is a funny word – as soon as you use it, people know that you don’t..."
by Bonnie
Learning to Play and Get Back Into My Body
"I was introduced to Orgasmic Meditation by my sister. She had a friend years ago who had shown her a video about OM, so my sister decided..."
by Denise
Alleviating the Nagging Dissatisfaction
"I was 35 when I sold my first company. After years of hard work, there was this long-awaited payoff.  If I wanted to, I could retire, and..."
by Dillon
Creating Experiences Instead of Following A Man
"The floor vibrated to the pounding of the music, sending its waves up through my body to blend with the deafening beat coming through the..."
by Myrtle Song
Healing Shame-Based Vocabulary
"I grew up in the Filipino culture and the Catholic religion. There was a lot of strictness and social rules and a lot of shame and shame-..."
by Josephina Lascal
The Distinction Between Obligation and Desire
"When I discovered that my husband was having an affair, he was unapologetic. He spent the next 18 months going back and forth between me ..."
by Melody
Overcoming Sexual Shame from Religion
"I grew up a Fundamentalist Christian in the American South, where sex was reserved for one reason and one reason only: procreation. That’..."
by Samantha Fischer
A Practice of Letting Go
"When I was a kid, my mom would joke that I was ‘a brain on a stick’ because she saw the way I related to my body. I used to look at activ..."
by Megan
Learning Responsibility For What I Want
"Before finding Orgasmic Meditation, I had a prestigious job, was top of my class in graduate school, was a marathon runner, but felt some..."
by Meg Glynn
From Digital Isolation to Taking Risks in Life
"I like to say that my life started at age 30. You’ll see why.I come from a unique background. My mother is from the highlands of Guatemal..."
by Nathanael Horton
Healing Grief & Trauma
"When someone’s Orgasmic Meditation post popped up on my social media, I was eight months into a devastating grief. My daughter had died. ..."
by Sharon
Finding Enjoyment in the Moment
"When I found Orgasmic Meditation, I was in my late 30s and had had a series of relationships that hadn’t worked out. I’d known from the b..."
by Leore Schwartz
What My Body Tells Me
"Dread fills me as I'm walking down the street, and I see my mother's car parked up ahead at a gas station. She gets out of her car and st..."
by Amber
From Rigidness to Ease
"Before I became involved with erotic practices, I felt rigid and robotic. As a wellness practitioner, I touch people all day for massages..."
by Nora
From Nice Guy to Honest Man
"The only place I could be honest about my desires was in consuming porn. I’d go home and get drunk and open up my computer and go to town..."
by Stephen
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