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I Live By What I Feel
"Before I found OM, I had been celibate and out of relationship for about ten years. I was very devoted to and close to a specific spiritu..."
by Betsy
Somatic Meditation Only Scratched the Surface
"When I was in my mid 20s, I adopted a practice of somatic-focused meditation as a way to get back into my body. Whenever anyone would ask..."
by Ian
Getting Out of My Head
"When I came to OM in my mid-40s, I learned to fully feel my body, live from a place of desire, and ask for what I want, rather than puzzl..."
by Bruce
Stepping into My Emotional Authority
"Through my journey with Orgasmic Meditation, I rediscovered an ability that I’ve had all along, but that I’d suppressed. It’s a capacity ..."
by Jonas
Rethinking Societal Messages & Expectations
"I have always been a seeker. Before I knew about Orgasmic Meditation, I was searching for something, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was...."
by Annabelle Buckley
Offering Myself and My Attention
"I started the practice of Orgasmic Meditation after a six-year relationship with my girlfriend ended. I had gone on a kind of spiritual q..."
by Ethan
OM Led Me Back to God
"I was raised in a normal middle class family and had a pretty happy childhood. The only thing that was different is I had a biracial upbr..."
by Raquel Williams
Keeping My Heart Open
"For three years after my husband died, I cried every day. I had been with him for 50 years, married for 45 of them. From the time I was 1..."
by Susan Freed
No Shame in Expressing Desire
"I was raised, along with my sister, to be a spiritual seeker and find my own path. But even though I didn’t grow up with religion, my par..."
by Kevin Keleher
An Amazing Tool for People on the Autism Spectrum
"I was born in New Jersey, but I grew up in Jalisco, Mexico.  Spanish is my second language.  You hear so much about people who grow up in..."
by Mateo Serrano
So Much Tenderness
"“Why am I numb?” I typed queries into Google, desperate for help. “How can I feel something?” But Google didn't have an answer that made ..."
by Rhonda Adley
Healing Around Racism & Trauma
"I am a Black woman. I carry in my DNA the ancestral memory of the trauma inflicted on Black people, and I have my own bitter, painful exp..."
by Felicia Hunt
Connection Based on Mutuality, Not Commerce
"I had lots of anger outbursts as a teenager. I was bullied in school, so I was always lashing out, usually at the people closest to me, l..."
by Marie
All About Love
"I heard about Orgasmic Meditation through a personal development program. I was interested in connecting with new people but I was also a..."
by Michael
The Power to Be Present
"Five years ago, I was at a contact improv class, which is a type of improvisational dance, when I saw a guy with the energy of an exubera..."
by Tyler
OM Made Me A Better Landscape Architect
"I come from a very traditional background. I am a native Sicilian and have lived my whole life in the south of Italy. I come from a long ..."
by Alfio
A Catalyst to Accepting My Identity
"I’ve always been driven to learn new things and have lived my life in a deeply immersive way, diving into very deep experiences. In high ..."
by Brittany Wagstaff
Accepting Myself
"I was brought up in a traditional Chinese family with very conservative values. The number one rule I learned as a kid: if you’re a man, ..."
by Steven
From Rigidness to Ease
"Before I became involved with erotic practices, I felt rigid and robotic. As a wellness practitioner, I touch people all day for massages..."
by Nora
From Nice Guy to Honest Man
"The only place I could be honest about my desires was in consuming porn. I’d go home and get drunk and open up my computer and go to town..."
by Stephen
The Caregiver Finds His Own Healing
"Five years before I found OM, my wife had developed an increasingly degrading brain condition. My life became increasingly unmanageable a..."
by Alan
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