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OM has Helped with My Shyness
"My family are Chinese, our religion is Buddhism, but it's less about religion and more about culture. We rarely share feelings, and sex i..."
by Andy Chan
No Longer Need to Fix People
"I spent my childhood in a series of all-boys boarding schools in England. This was the way it had always been for men in my family; it wa..."
by James
So Much Tenderness
"“Why am I numb?” I typed queries into Google, desperate for help. “How can I feel something?” But Google didn't have an answer that made ..."
by Rhonda Adley
A Mutual Safe Space
"I was an only child growing up in Huntington Beach, California. My parents had stayed married, and I was attending private school, but in..."
by Jon
My Attention Opens Up Unlimited Experiences
"I started OMing in 2012 after moving to a new city for work. I had a very intellectual existence, and although I had the sense that there..."
by Pierre
Living on the Edge
"I’ve always been kind of edgy, but it seemed like the older I got, the more reserved and boring I became. I was looking for the next thin..."
by Sheri
Letting Go of the Big Ball of Stress
"It’s been five years since I started practicing Orgasmic Meditation, and so much has changed. When I started, I was working two extremely..."
by Jacqueline Evans
My Practice is With Me Wherever I Go
"If you want your car to run, you need to put gas in it.  If you want your flowers to bloom, you need to water them.  Even little children..."
by Anne
Goalless Connection
"When I look back at the blur of the first 35 years of my life, before I discovered OM seven years ago, I see that I was always trying to ..."
by Joe Rabinowitz
Coming Back to Life
"I was a workaholic until I ran flat out of energy and spent seven years in bed, suffering from intense migraines. I had moved from Miami ..."
by Naomi Baker
Releasing the Trauma
"I experienced sexual abuse as a child. As a little girl, my mom not only didn't protect me, instead she often said, “Go calm the beast,” ..."
by Harriet Arnold
Releasing Old Baggage And Embracing Myself
"To tell you how OM changed things for me, as a physical therapist living in San Francisco, I would have to go way back to childhood a bit..."
by Bettina
A Richer Life
"In my career, I was used to being in a position of authority. I was a military pilot, and then I flew huge airplanes around the world as ..."
by Randy
Strangely Competent
"I had always been an intensely socially anxious person. I still am, in a way, but not at all the way I was before. I had few friends, and..."
by Daniel
The Realest Thing I've Ever Experienced
"Computers have always been my life.  I was diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was still very young.  Social interactions were sometimes dif..."
by Chris Cooper
Learning to Go With the Flow
"I used to be a kind of introverted geek, not in touch with my feelings, unaware of my body, very cerebral and in my head. And yet I reall..."
by Franck
Blowing the Coal to Flame
"I’m a divorced man, and I live in Wichita Falls, Texas.  I own my own home, and I work as a physical therapist. What first started me tow..."
by Jared Knaup
Taking Down Walls
"My mother taught me to live in two worlds. There was the white world and the Native world, and as Ojibwe Indians living apart from the re..."
by Jessica Kota
Destigmatizing Addiction
"I was a bonafide starving student. Near the end of my medical training, as I was about to get licensed, I fell into a coma from low blood..."
by Lyle
From Anger to Adventure
"I have always bottled my feelings up. I am super sensitive and emotional, but I wouldn't let it show for most of my life.My dad was the s..."
by Matt Brand
Where I Am Now
"When I came to OM, I looked like I had it all. I was on a very popular TV show at the time.  My career as an actress had taken off.  I ha..."
by Vanessa
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