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I Live By What I Feel
"Before I found OM, I had been celibate and out of relationship for about ten years. I was very devoted to and close to a specific spiritu..."
by Betsy
The Discipline of Practice
"My life used to be super linear, with a well-defined structure. You were supposed to check off boxes: get married, have kids, save money,..."
by Becky
No Longer Need to Fix People
"I spent my childhood in a series of all-boys boarding schools in England. This was the way it had always been for men in my family; it wa..."
by James
My Body Came Back to Life
"Before I found OM, I always felt a hunger. I grew up in China, in a culture where children were supposed to follow instructions—but not e..."
by Linghong
A Woman Lit Up
"We never said “I love you” in my family. We never really expressed ourselves and weren't very open with our real feelings. Intimacy just ..."
by Kari Abadie Hayes
Appreciation for Every Moment
"As a young person growing up, I had the idea that in order to be liked I had to somehow prove myself. That might have been something I pi..."
by Tom
OM Reignited My Desire After Burnout
"I’ve always been a high achiever, and I was always ambitious.  Early on, I started making lists for what I intended to accomplish by a ce..."
by Jenna
Taking Down Walls
"My mother taught me to live in two worlds. There was the white world and the Native world, and as Ojibwe Indians living apart from the re..."
by Jessica Kota
Taking the Body's Lead
"I loved teaching, but I hated the public school system. When kids have no choice about learning and are motivated by fear of punishment, ..."
by Skyler Evans
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